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Self-medication ever again!

I never thought anyone could get addicted to drugs, as always look at it as a wonder medicine. Only as much as I wanted to see, do not want to admit my mother was dependent. I saw that she took too many tablets of various shapes and sizes for all kinds of problems, only that in fact she had no such problems. It was all in her head. At mealtimes, she was there with a box full, which were divided by formats. In total, came to take 23 per meal. I thought it was an exaggeration, but she said it was required that the doctor and I naively believed. The situation dragged on and she became even the best customer of the pharmacy, with astronomical bills that neither the salary was enough to pay it. Began to accumulate debt at all pharmacies in the area. As she told me that all the drugs he bought were essential for their survival, I paid the bills. But she exaggerated so much that instead of controlling the disease, it began to appear. When was the doctor, this could not believe the hype that she took drugs. Was really horrified and forbade her to consume them. But my mother who was so stubborn and so flawed it was, continued to take on the sly. All this culminated in a stroke. Went to a hospital bed, and was been paralyzed from the right face. Such was the shock that I begged for help. As I already knew well and knew that her treatment would not work "light" or just the help of a psychologist, because there were more than 25 years of addiction to drugs, after some research I found this center. She went to see the facilities and meet staff contradicted. After the fact of having to be hospitalized six months, the situation has worsened. But at the end of the day was completely surrendered everything and everyone. A week later he was to give input. It was funny, because due to age has created a great connection with patients, feeling their mother. I believe the complicity that has been created, helped to take treatment seriously. Could see that he could lead a balanced life without having to "hide" on the effect of drugs. So, now just take the essentials for life, all prescribed by the doctor. Also got another family and I also, as we continue to go downtown assiduously, if only to make the case an example of my mother for patients afflicted with the same adição.Aqui start a new life, a happy life! !


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