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Battle won

Life-fold in many games and the biggest one was when I discovered that my brother just 18 years old was already addicted to cocaine.

I spoke to him, to understand what had led him to such a defect. Everything had started a game of friends ... How older brother gave him a hand and helped him get help. Went well and stopped eating. He followed on with your life. He graduated, married and had three children.

Whenever he spoke with him, promised me that there's not much to consume. Believed him, because he felt he was being sincere. A tragedy has befallen the family upon the death of one of his sons, with only seven years, a fulminating leukemia took it from us.

My brother was too low and advised him to seek counseling, but refused. I tried to be around and alert to all signs. He feared that they would fall and return to consume. And the truth is that eventually fall. When I realized it was too late. I was completely hooked. With jobs at risk and women wanting to leave him, I had to give it a shake. I could not lose anything in life.

He took a few months and went for treatment. It was hard having to deal with emotions so strong ... but regained sight. In addition to mourning the death of his son, he learned to handle the addition. He returned home and with family has been able to win this tough battle.

But never forget the valuable support it has had by the team of clinical therapeutic


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