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Life returned

I decided to give my testimony, because this center has done much for me. You can not even imagine how grateful I am to have them returned to my son's life.

He has always been a good son, who never lacked anything. Only bad company and perhaps due to the weakness of his spirit, soon entered the world of drugs. Still managed to hide for a few years, but I and the father, aware of his movements, we are aware of the situation.

Did some treatments and even went to Spain in an attempt more desperate now. But to no avail. Came back fine, but shortly thereafter fell. Were relapse after relapse. Father and I no longer knew how to handle the situation.

We have reached the point of giving him money for him not to walk out of the house to steal. I know this should not have been an option, but I was desperate. Only one day after 10 years of addiction, it was he who asked for help. I was so frankly incredulous. For a moment I even thought it would be an attempt, he would return as well, but that would not last long.

After we have been referred to the center and to hear such good feedback, we went shopping. We realized immediately that there was hope. He was admitted and loved the next day. Whenever we went to visit was a breath of fresh air. He was determined and full of plans. Rarely went below. Learned to ask for help. He became another person, the son I had, but that I had stolen the drug.

The treatment took place and was completed successfully. Priorities outlined in the house soon, got a job, went back to school and even fell in love. You still have the support of the clinic where you feel at risk, but rather something that happens ask for help. Live one day at a time, but I feel that he is happy and there is no better blessing than that.

This treatment center has done wonders for my son. Just know that if it were not for this treatment, today it could not have my son, but God wanted him to have another opportunity, so we must give thanks every day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are unique ...


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