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See someone who is close to destroying itself and can not do anything hurts a lot. But that was how I lived for eight years, the time that my husband was an alcoholic.

When I met was a charming, cheerful, fun, successful professional, independent, loving ... I think there are not enough adjectives to explain how good it was. When I first met it was love at first sight, in less than a year since we lived together. It all happened very fast, but seemed to be the wiser.

What I did not know was that he had an addiction to alcohol. At the start of living together, excused him. He knew he'd been stressed at work and so gave him a discount. Only when he raised his hand for the first time is that I was alert. I told you not allow it and that would abuse it. Not to beat me, destroying things at home. The situation became increasingly untenable and threatened to leave the house if he does not treat. It took my claim seriously and stopped eating.

During one year we came back to be happy and we had our first child. Soon as the child was born, he returned to consume so rampant. Came home completely drunk and talking loudly, waking up getting our son.

The boy has not approached him, such was the fear that he will he struck. I held still for six years, until without warning goes out to the boy. Came to me and apologized. I was not convinced that he could take, so I put some conditions: only return home when he was sober for a year.

I pointed him this center for treatment. I was surprised when he learned he had entered into recovery. On the way home was another person, had come to be the man I had fallen in love. Even in recovery, and compliance is only a year after I came home with our son. It is too early to tell, but I believe that not going to lie.

The support we have had by therapists is commendable and I know that will help you stay on track. We live one day at a time and each day is a victory.

Thanks for helping us to be a family again.

Maria T.

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