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It is with pleasure that I come to give my testimony, because this treatment center really saved my son's life. With 18 years had the misfortune to enter the world of drugs. He was addicted for almost nine years, until he met one who is now his wife and love changed. He graduated in management, has become a multinational executive, had two beautiful babies, a large group of friends, practicing sports. He led a wonderful life and I could not be happier with all this. As a mother hen who admit to be, it is perfectly normal to be happy for all of these done to my only son. Never again touch on drugs and did not even like talking about it. But sometimes life-fold in the matches difficult to overcome. And so it was two years ago, when he suddenly lost his wife and children in a tragic car accident. His whole world has collapsed and he passed all suffering. He wanted to appease so much pain, but how does one do that before such a situation? In the early days walked apathetic, silent and without reaction, making it mechanically. I could not cry and it scared me. I remember the day of the funeral, he had taken about ten pills at once. I feared that if he killed. Only a month is what I came to the door and burst in tears. It was horrible, it's an image I'll never forget. Then two days later, told me about the center and that would make a therapy Renewal. I did not realize what that meant more than supported it. When he returned home was another pessoa.Ainda with pain, but positive and willing to embrace the life you could book. He told me the wonderful experience we had this treatment center here and how to feel love again. A brotherly love that comforted and encouraged him to cling to life. I felt I was thoughtful and full of goals. Fired up the firm where he worked, put the house up for sale as well as the filling of it, filled a knapsack of clothes, just basic stuff and went in search of happiness and a new life. Occasionally I get cards from him, he goes through volunteer missions in Africa. He found a new direction for life and managed to smile again.

Júlia, Portugal

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