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Learning to live

After five years of dating, the relationship of my best friend over. Again no luck, it seemed that he was born to be betrayed, as she often said. It was the fourth time it happened, but nevertheless continued to believe in love. I felt she was not well and that was no longer able to cope with this situation and fear that would fall into a habit of the past, anorexia, asked him to go and have expert help. Did not agree immediately, but realized it was even better. Was very low and did not have this support, return to stop eating. Entered this treatment center and believe that it was not easy because the only question that haunted him his head was: "What did I do wrong?". Only when he realized that was not her fault that it began to enter recovery. Believe that this therapy was decisive for the renewal to help better deal with love relationships and also with social relationships. I recommend this treatment and any day I will also undergo a more than good to feel the vibration that transmits the center ...


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