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Auto-mutilação in bedroom

As a teenager my sister got the self-mutilating themselves several times. As she was older, I dared not tell my parents, because she threatened to beat me. In my innocence, rather than to thwart such an act, even admired her for that and started doing the same, without any apparent reason, but if she did, why I could not do it? What began as a small cut from week to week, quickly came to be several cuts daily. The deeper the cuts, the better I felt, but it was all psychological, because it did not really know why he did it was as if he had become an addiction. I did not tell anything to my sister, but she still used it against me. Hardly dreamed that my parents under one roof, two daughters were self-mutilating themselves in their quartos.Só that one day I found my sister unconscious in the bathroom. Scared I warned my parents. After I have continually asked, I could not hide the situation. I told her to self-mutilate, but I insisted that I did the same. When she awoke, she knew only as a vengeful being, denounced me. My parents were unbelievers with such great revelations, or that gave us a great chance, we went to visit doctors, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. After several months of failed attempts we diferentes.Passava entry here at home we one day a month together. It was a very enriching experience, we become united as never had been. Finished successfully on the same day. It's been a year and seven months and still strong and without thought of self-mutilation. We acquired a unique harmony and even my parents walk enchanted life. The treatment has changed the whole family.


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