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The Andreia has always been a very quiet and reserved girl. He had his group of friends, all vain, who were always in the house from each other. With them, Andreia felt good, or so it seemed. Spent much time in the room to paint up and parading before the mirror. My girl had a hormonal problem and her body has changed, it was bulky and not accept what was happening to him. Severed relations with her friends, because he felt a "monster" as I said. Stopped eating and went into self-mutilation. I tried to control the well, but was not always easy. Without a husband, only me I was worth to make a living at the house. The Andreia inevitably spent much time alone and could always find a way to cut yourself, the more I hide the scissors, knives, blades ... I got so far as to change everything for plastic things, but she would get there a way to self-mutilate. When the cuts were no longer sufficient, began to burn with cigarette butts picked up on that street. She was admitted to hospital more than six times. On the way home stopped, but soon fell. With self-esteem totally destroyed and no will to live, Andreia became apathetic. I could not continue watching this destruction. A friend told me about a case he saw on TV a girl who is also self-mutilate. My girl just 18 years old was admitted. I'll never forget the picture of her when she entered. Seven months later, came a new treatment Andreia. My daughter was different. All followed to the letter and never fell. I feel happy today. Went to college and got a part-time. She found new friends and have you look in the mirror again. Today nothing to lie below. The treatment time was painful, but believe me go through it again. At the clinic made ​​my girl a woman. A woman with values ​​and goals and that is my reason for the professionalism viver.Bem-there!

Elisa Pacheco

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