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Who knew that sex could be a disease? It's true. When in excess can make people addicted and therefore obsessed with having sex. At home my parents have always given an education open to me and my brother Rodrigo. It is because of my brother who came to write this testimony. We have always been friends and desculpávamo us always to each other before our parents. When we were close to 13 years (the age difference between us is of months) he began to discover his body and also wanted to know mine. Innocent, let him undress me and play. My parents are not suspected of anything, because my brother asked me to always be our secret. However I was most excited about my period and he wanted to penetrate me. I did not, was scared, but tried it there and I had horrible pain that I could not let him enter completely. Embarrassed dressed and went to the bathroom to wash myself. My parents surprised me being so quiet and not have gone to dinner with them. I pleaded a headache. From then on, whenever my parents ausentavam, or even during the night, my brother came to me and rape me. I dared not tell anyone, but I was horrified when other girls in school but came to me vent. After all, my brother violated more girls and nobody did anything, because shame and fear-paralyzed nos.Os years passed and went to college, which led me to leave home. My brother did not accept that my decision and my parents estranhavam the coldness with which he treated me. During the night, walked into my room and said it was the night of farewell. Raped me so painful and animalistic that my parents agreed. They took him inside me. I was bloody and full of pain. My parents could hardly believe! They took me immediately to the hospital and, at great cost, have complained of my brother. With this, more complaints have come and gone over preso.Quando entered treatment. No one could visit, the more forgiving. Only the center therapists began to meet with us and helped us to realize that my brother was addicted to sex, which had an illness and needed the support of todos.Só at the end of treatment as we have seen, was very painful, but it was another. By the look of it was different. More vulnerable, humble, loving, super sorry for everything. Finished treatment two years ago and started a family. We are proud to have given him back in life and can no longer be angry. I also learned from the therapies to deal with sex. Without this treatment, neither I nor my husband we could have a balanced sex life.

Cristina Araújo

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