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Uncontrollable impulses

My husband was a sex addict, but this treatment center found the help he so desperately needed. Not only for his sake, but for the sake of our marriage. When I married him because I sometimes felt pressured to have sex, but I thought that the situation will settle down with marriage. Many were the times when I felt an object, but does not say anything, afraid to hurt. He was always wanting to have sex and reached the height of noite.Um wake me up during the day until I lost consciousness, such was the fatigue, we had already had sex six times within four hours ... It was true that I marathons were away from him ... One day I could not stand over and asked him to seek help. He did not want to accept, but I had to do a little blackmail and said: "Without treatment, not give you children." It was a low blow, because I know it was a dream, but I was desperate. It was seven months later had a new husband. A person caring and attentive. Sex, we started to make love and believe it is much better. But even this treatment center to make such a change in our lives. They are tireless and all I can say will never be enough to thank you so much you did for us ... Oh, and one boy is already on the way!

Madalena, Portugal

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