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Cursed money

I am Kostas and my wife is a shopping addict. She always liked to buy many things that you did not miss. I warned her, but she did not care and continued to buy. While we were single and I do not even he realized the situation, just that when we got married, had no idea the list of debts that would bring. When I began to receive letters at home from various lending companies confronted him a.Em unmarried, had made loans to such ridiculous things, like a vacuum, a pressure cooker, a camera ... all things I thought were more than paid for. All in all, owed ​​a total of 22 000 euros. I could not believe it and worse, who recently admitted he had made ​​another loan to buy a machine costura.Disse him frontally, or purchases or our wedding! She did not hesitate and immediately went into recovery. A year in recovery and has changed overnight. Today it is she who manages the household bills and I can trust her. In Alcobaça helped her learn to manage life and best lesson you could not have given ...

Kostas, Grecce

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