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It was the damn shop that almost destroyed my relationship went. Too late I discovered that my husband had an addiction to buying luxury goods. I always thought that the things he bought were the result of a good salary, at least that's what I dizia.É amazing how I managed to hide this secret for three years. Had several credit cards, some in my name and all with the ceiling limit. Unfortunately when we realized we already had furniture and appliances to be seized. It was a shock. When we had reached No possible way out, told me that there was spending money on brand watches on top of the range cars, designer clothes on ... And I think that was all provided by his company! Actually I was very innocent. Confronted him and made an ultimatum, or was or I leave home. I was so wrong, it was not easy to forgive. He went into treatment and I also received psychological support to deal with all this situação.Apesar all, this predicament has finally come to strengthen our relationship. Today we manage the accounts together and we are gradually to recover its debts. I feel I gained a more present and attentive husband. Thank you for having been relentless.


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