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When someone consumes alcohol on a consistent, continuous and excessive to the point of consumption negatively interfere with virtually all areas of his personal life, family, social and / or professional, gives a very clear sign of the manifestation of a severe dependence that only through a few changes, internal and external, can be overcome.

In VillaRamadas, we believe in changing behavior and growth within the individual, as a way to release their obsession with alcohol, you will reach a healthy attitude, cheerful and positive attitude towards life, able to strengthen its acceptance in respect of all what it is happening on a day-to-day, relearning how to live a serene and balanced.

After an initial period of detoxification and abstinence, the therapeutic approach for this type of dependency is carried out through various forms of individual and group therapy, applied not only to the patient can deal in a thoughtful way with the most diverse psychological and emotional connection with his addiction, but also to provide you the skills to prevent relapse.

The total duration of this therapeutic process, which in our experience, will, on admission, a minimum of 24 weeks, will depend, of course, the pace and commitment of the patient in various writings and reading you are asked, their ability to process and get rid of the downside of his past, and especially its ability to achieve a degree of awareness that allows him to admit honestly and fully accept the fact of being an alcoholic.

During the period of hospitalization, both family members and others who occupy an important place in life (friends / as, boyfriends / as, coworkers, etc ...) will be informed of any development process of change and personal growth.

VillaRamadas when they leave, patients are encouraged to attend regular groups of self - help existing inter alia, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and CGA (Change & Grow) and, if they have completed their treatment successfully month to attend the After-Care held in VillaRamadas.

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