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Alcohol Dependence

The alcohol includes, for some, a soft drug, but for others, it is the hardest drug in Portugal, where he enlists preference on the part of adolescents and youth. In addition, it is legal, cheap and widely publicized. Perhaps this is why our country holds the first consumer of alcohol per capita in all of Europe!
It is estimated that eight percent of the world population suffering from addiction to alcohol, ie, are addicted to alcohol. Japan, for example, a country regarded as exemplary in terms of professional rigor, receives about 2.5 million people, from employees and executives, alcoholics. The decrease in productivity and medical expenses arising from alcohol dependence cost the Japanese the modest sum of 50 billion dollars ...
The term drug or alcohol applied to mean not only a likeness of the consequences of its use but also when consumed as a stunning, facilitation of behavior, which otherwise would not come to the fore, and when part of everyday life, to-day is only possible with use of alcohol.
The hardness of this relates to drug related problems, which far exceed those of other drugs. Consider the number of families where there is violence or destroyed due to alcohol, gastrenterológicas diseases (cirrhosis, ulcers, some cancers) and deaths associated with them, neurological disorders (polinevrites, dementia) and especially traffic accidents, with varied consequences for drivers and others, that a high percentage (over 50 percent) occurred under the influence of alcohol.
The psychological dependence on alcohol may arise between two and five years of regular use and physical dependence occurs after 15 years. As the only socially permitted drug, alcohol consumption is more widespread and enduring than that of other drugs.
The frequent intake of alcohol causes the consumer to go through different stages, a sequence of increasingly deteriorating: experimentation, occasional use, regular use and dependence.
In the initial phase, are certain recognizable signs: frequent use of alcohol, sometimes justified as anti-stress or to meet a particular concern; promises to stop drinking and small changes in personality, especially irritability.
In the middle phase, the individual who drinks like hide and deny their behavior linked to alcohol. Moreover, it is also characteristic start drinking earlier in the course of the day. And drink because he feels the need of well-being and euphoria that gives the drink.
Finally, at the stage of total dependence on alcohol, lives only for the alcoholic drink. Your vital organs are affected and his personality is adulterous. Do you feel sad, isolated, guilty, irritable and tense.
The difficulties involved in alcohol dependence are not only individual. Where do you live an alcoholic living in a family suffering. They are also social problems, accidents, losses in productivity and state spending in the healing of alcohol are significant.

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