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Hospitalization for Alcohol Dependence

Tobacco, alcohol and even coffee are stimulants to the body. How is this stimulus? The pituitary gland, responsible for sensations of taste and smell, and is ever vigilant when it detects these substances gives the alert, and "calls" all the other glands to eliminate the intruder. At this point, the concentration of energy is felt as a stimulus that causes a sensation of pleasure. So repeat the dose, generating new stimuli. Repetition of this process is that the dependence originates, since glands lose strength to protect the body and that these substances will need to be able to work.
It is known that more than changing a behavior that has become a standard, it is necessary to change the thoughts and feelings that are at the root of the dependencies. Hospitalization for alcohol dependence allows "cut" with not only the substance but also with all the associated routines, in addition to providing the continuity of the change effort, within a group backed by skilled professionals ready to lend a hand free cup or bottle, but full of understanding and love. Indeed, the alcoholic begins to realize that, after all, the cup can be filled with lots of things that meet and satisfy far more than alcohol.
Alcoholism is not a hereditary disease, but in many cases has a strong genetic component. Who is the son of parents with alcohol problems are more likely to come, likewise, to suffer the same evil, not only for having a model home, but also due to a genetic predisposition (which has nothing to do with fate!).
The addition of alcohol is completely incompatible with the social control over the act of drinking, so that total abstinence is the only effective way to curb binge drinking. Internment in alcohol dependence provides essential tools to resist the temptation to make all problems go through a few hours flying on the wings of alcohol, and strengthens the addict to find resources within themselves less toxic and more natural and healthy for overcome whatever situation you encounter.
In the treatment center, the individual will not be the "court jester" as it was in places where I used to get drunk under the mocking gaze of others and criminal attitude of those who, seeing his condition, he sold more and more alcohol , and instead cherished, encouraged to follow the path of the propriety, ie the way of life. Yes, because in addition to liver cirrhosis, stomach ulcers, depression, psychoses and many other hypothetical diseases, alcohol ends up "splashing" of this (for him) venom in all areas of its existence, undermining it.
After a hospitalization for alcohol dependence, the person ceases to be a slave of the substance, which replace options already know most appropriate and responsible, and will start that which will be the first day of the rest of your life.

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