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Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Not everyone who consumes alcohol is alcohol, ie not all need to do a treatment. The social drinker drinks moderately, without losing control. The excessive drinker, in turn, loses control of his actions, and is already dependent on alcohol physically and psychologically, often with no memory of who practiced under the influence of alcohol.
This latter group of people need professional help to get rid of this terrible addiction. Often lack the notion of harm to want to ignore or minimize a problem like this. Nevertheless, the numbers speak for themselves. Said statistics that women who take three or more alcoholic drinks per day are at the same risk of developing breast cancer than those who smoke a packet of cigarettes in the same period of time. One unit of alcohol is equivalent to one glass of red wine, a beer or 30 milliliters of spirits.
Among young people - getting younger, we might say - the consumption of alcohol has been a significant increase. Studies indicate that more than half the population of students from 7., 8. And 9. Grades have drunk alcohol, even if only on an experimental basis. A percentage greater than 30 percent of respondents had been drunk. The worst is that most are unaware of the danger that alcohol means. Only 30.46 per cent understand that drinking alcohol almost daily carries many risks. The treatment of alcohol dependence it is in younger people, especially by prevention!
Alcoholism begins, often as a joke, a form of entertainment, or is a way to forget the hardships of "drowning" feeling. At a given time, the negative effects of a hangover, the damage to health, the possibility of doing something that will cause regret or fear of getting trouble with the police to fade in a full glass. You reach the stage where a glass too many and a thousand is not enough, because the first drink you can not stop. Here it makes sense to seek, without delay, a treatment for alcohol dependence, otherwise continue to have a double life and absolutely miserable and dishonest. It is that alcohol is not half-measures: leads, without mercy, physical and moral ruin!
The alcohol dependent is a person who has a kind of "allergy" to alcohol, that is, a small amount of that substance triggers him quite disproportionate reactions. The treatment of alcohol dependence, with their different approaches, will help the alcoholic to assume that this problem is "allergic" to recognize that, because of him, can not drink moderately, and focus on the great potential you have on your intimate, that once drunk and with treatment to learn how to hold a free and full.

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