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Managing Anger (anger management) is designed especially to those who, often in an unexpected way, feel and express feelings of anger completely unmeasured and uncontrolled, affecting in a negative way, not only his life personal, family, social and employment, but also to all those with whom he deals and lives.

The two most common ways to express anger, are: 

Passive anger - speak ill of others, collecting resentment, self-blame to self-sacrifice, to keep obsessive behaviors, evasive, manipulative;

Passive anger - being selfish, vengeful, grand, destructive, blaming others, threatening, destructive, poisoner, verbal and physical abuser.

In VillaRamadas the treatment plan to learn to "Managing Anger" is totally custom, since the wrath or anger manifests itself differently from person to person.

In our approach to this problem, the whole group dynamics and all inter-personal relations with the other residents are essential to test and correct the changes of the individual, so that it learns to deal with their anger in a productive and constructive, thus developing their assertiveness, increasing their self esteem, promoting self-worth and daily use of the rule of the three Rs: 

- Self Respect 

- Respect for Others
- Accountability for their actions 

Thus, one can learn to manage anger (anger management) in a positive way, from the time the individual acquires the consciousness of the gravity of their problem and needs to be replaced by the notion of the negative impact that your problem involves wants for himself, as for all those around you, it is necessary to learn to deal with various situations in your life that the rage and make a change in how it relates to you and all those around you.

With the help of our integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - you can learn to manage anger in a positive way, allowing patients will enjoy a future life, serene, peaceful and happy.

Once the period of hospitalization, it is suggested to patients who regularly attend self-help groups in particular, Change & Grow, as well as after-care in VillaRamadas held monthly.

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