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Admission to the Ira

In childhood, the expression of anger is commonly confused with lack of education and consequently suppressed. In addition, an attempt to appeal to adults or fear of reprisals, children learn not to express anger openly in order to avoid criticism or disapproval. Shape up, over the years, a snowball, and many have accumulated anger out through every pore, seriously compromising the normal life of someone who has a serious anger problem to solve.
One of the most effective solutions for the treatment of this addition to anger is hospitalization. The addict admitted he is surprised to hear the report of patients with the same problem or other, a perfect description of feelings he thought were yours alone. As time passes, he will lose the surprise, begins to realize how it is like the others, and experience the comfort of being among equals.
At admission to anger, anonymity is respected and no questions are asked. Cultivates an atmosphere of love and acceptance, regardless of what each patient has done in the past, is the person that matters and not what she did. There is no judgment or criticism or discussion. Also it is not infinitely rewind the misfortunes and difficulties, but rather, to get rid of them. The addict understands that it is perfectly possible to live at peace with unsolved problems, namely, that serenity may be a reality. He learns also the interaction with colleagues, to demystify the issues and laugh at himself, which has numerous advantages.
Laughter activates circulation, promotes greater oxygenation of the brain, various exercises and abdominal and facial muscles stimulates the release of endorphins which help to alleviate pain, enhance the feeling of pleasure, the anesthetic effect and immune system. Nevertheless, laugh, especially himself, does not just happen; results, instead, of what each one does so. There would be no sense to say "Now I laugh!" Because do not work with buttons that just call accionarmos the desired behavior. Fortunately, the human being is more complex ...
So much so that most of the time tends to complicate it too much, when it would be enough to worry about being affectionate friend. This and much more is taught in the hospital for rabies. Patience, tolerance, humility, the ability to ask and receive forgiveness are other powerful tools to control an emotion so overwhelming and impulsive, provided during the hospitalization of anger. Indeed, as a "protected environment", many are in the process, the situations of "rehearsal" practice what it assimilates, which brings undeniable benefits to the patient for treatment when you leave and have to face, by itself certain evidence and barriers.

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