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Rabies is an extremely powerful emotion that can stem from excessive boredom, irritation supreme indignation or hostility against another person or an adverse event.
Anger is not in itself a good feeling or bad. It is indicative that we have to act or react to a situation. The problem is to feed it and not be able to express adequately or controlled. People who have a problem with anger, use it as a means of escape to the inability to have to give back to the vicissitudes embarrassing, as if it were an anesthetic.
An individual in anger is always unhappy with everything and everyone, but instead of trying to change the order of things, rebels and reacts, or passively, putting themselves in the role of a victim of circumstances, a clear attitude of self-pity (anger passive), or throwing out your aggression against everything that moves and do not move around it (anger active). Many of these questions furious, pointing to everything and anything with a makeup angry with life, eventually you do not want to question, but simply attack. At such moments abound slavery of certainty, and rehabilitation of hope is compromised by the declarations of inability to do whatever it is, which seems very comfortable, because it allows protest recklessly.
At a time like this, of turmoil abroad, where violence speaks louder, it is natural that people do not know very well what to do or feel. All violence, physical or psychological, as well as enter, exit. Against the other, in the form of aggression, verbal or physical, intransigence, irritability, intolerance, irony, ..., or against his own: closing on its grounds, mulling over and over again their arguments, opting for self-pity that excuses all, leaving the depression take over the helm of your life, or gnawing stomach ulcers, among other alternatives.
The point is that violence penetrates into the lives and undermines relationships and behaviors. In fact, anger and hostility unresolved produce devastating effects on self-esteem, in addition to depression, headaches, increased blood pressure, insomnia and stomach problems.
It is possible that the individual has great difficulty in expressing their feelings of anger or, conversely, proves invariably angry. This anger may result from the conduct of daily activities or the occurrence of something extraordinary. An addict uses anger as "fuel" to be able to respond to requests for that is the target, reaching a point where it no longer does anything out of anger. Here, it is time to seek help, because anger does not retreat, but rather is likely to grow to an emotional outburst of incalculable proportions, with immeasurable personal and professional losses.

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