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Treatment of Wrath

When not expressed openly, anger is repressed and grows within the person who lodges. There are physical symptoms associated with this development and the individual uses, often, the food or the consumption of substances to quell a feeling he learned to deny that there was within him. Although "chewed" or intoxicated, this anger does not disappear and can lead to destructive behaviors.
Anger is not the problem itself, but what you do with this emotion. A treatment of anger helps to recognize it, accept it and treat it in order to improve the individual's relationship with himself and therefore, with those around you. The contact with the other presents, after treatment, frank improvement, and little by little, will be conquering the infamous so calm.
The treatment promotes the entry of rabies in touch with their feelings of anger and good ways to express them in an appropriate and healthy, proposing principles to be applied in daily activities in order to gather the person herself and her feelings. She learns, in treatment, that anger is a result of frustration with each other or with their living conditions and undertook a process of acceptance of things that may not modify, trying to change only those that can.
The awareness gained in the treatment of anger allows the patient to know how you really feel every moment, starting to deal with situations that intuitively would leave disoriented.
When a person gains experience in this new way to handle anger and resentment that has accumulated over a lifetime, allow yourself to feel the emotion, to let live feeling for just the appropriate time. Want to repress it goes a long way to help him back even harder.
The patient learns in therapy for anger, they should talk before acting on the desassossega with a neutral person who dispassionately, will give you an unbiased view of the situation and possibly useful tips on the best way to resolve. Therefore, taking the opportunity to get rid of anger and to accept suggestions, he is able to take responsibility for your feelings without the need to deny or repress, learning to be attentive to whatever these feelings in a way beneficial to you and all who interact with them.
Well targeted, the immense energy contained in anger is likely to play into the hands of the individual, under the aegis of a stimulus that drives and contaminates the environment where it moves.

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