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treatment Co-dependency

Co-dependency is an emotional state, often not well understood, which is manifested by excessive need to develop the individual by another, for a particular behavior or even objects. 

Who suffers from this disease, is canceled as a person, spending all their happiness and state of mind, depend, not on himself, but always another. 

Generally, the co-dependent behaviors and feelings that presents, not knowing how to have arisen, or how to break free of them, keep you completely stuck and "enslaved". 

As examples, we refer to the family of an individual alcoholic, who lives obsessed with controlling it (without success), or the family of a diabetic patient who feels compelled to "watch it" because if you do not something bad will happen to him. In both cases the demonstration of concern and care are actually attitudes essentially co-dependency. 

In VillaRamadas through our integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - orient both those who suffer for their co-dependency, to change attitudes in order to free themselves, to relearn self-value is recognizing your own value and to develop interpersonal relationships balanced, functional and healthy consciencializando them to the fact that happiness is not given us by others, but which is actually an inside job to each of us.

Once the period of hospitalization, it is suggested to patients who regularly attend self-help groups in particular, Change & Grow, as well as the After-Care held in VillaRamadas monthly as a means of monitoring and prevention.

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