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Admission to the co-dependency

Co-dependency is a serious emotional illness and progressive, affecting, in general, people passive or aggressive in nature, from troubled families on an emotional level, from an early age that they are in duty to try to solve all the problems of all people, of which, indeed, blame themselves. Personality is part of an embarrassment "toxic" and suffer from a huge deficit of confidence. They are perfectionists and individuals absolutely depend on the approval of others. They present a very high tolerance for pain and suffering, fear of intimacy and a total inability to have fun and be spontaneous. Can merge a love end with a highly aggressive.
Unhappiness will be installing and growing and is often accompanied by depression, anxiety, isolation, violence, eating disorders, use of alcohol, drugs, medication ...
It is often already in these advanced stages of disease that admission to the co-dependence appears as a solution. In a therapeutic community, the patient is able to give and receive attention, to emerge from isolation, to share his uneasiness, ideas around their addition, identify and express a moderate and appropriate their emotions (anger, fear , guilt, shame ...), finally, to significantly modify the terms of relationship with themselves and others, experiencing a reduction or disappearance of symptoms.
At admission to the co-dependency dilutes the difficulty of revealing certain kind of feeling that the individual could leave too exposed or vulnerable. There, he finds himself in the right place to do so, and identifying colleagues and receive support from therapists. Gradually, you will realize the difference between kindness, acceptance, empathy and compassion and destructive attitudes that consubstanciavam your emotional dependence. You do not have to serve others to feel full. Ability to get help and to look at their wounds, because they understand that can not control everything.
At admission to the co-dependency, the addict will find others who, like him, seek to break relations of co-dependency. They know how to evaluate what he does and, as already done so, his words are most receptive. In addition, feeling equal, no one criticizes anyone.
The admission to the co-dependency provides the patient has contact with their anger in a controlled atmosphere. This is quite useful, because anger is a response that the treatment center can be developed in a constructive way. At the same time, feeling that other people like themselves, the patient will tend to appreciate and respect only for what it is only looking for relationships where it occurs, thus breaking the cycle of codependency; learn to like themselves of truth and win autonomy and capacity to organize themselves to face their problems with their own internal resources.

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