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Treatment of co-dependency

The overwhelming majority of co-dependents are women, since the post-adolescence to adulthood with small children, and even older. They feel weak and set aside. Build an "I" false and do not know the "I" lost. Childhood were, perhaps, subject to oppressive rules, with coarctation of the expression of feelings.
Initially, the objective is a mission of "saving" the other, often endowed with a problematic character or a predisposition to compulsive behaviors. Reach the height of feeling almost more than the circumstances themselves involved in them!
Later, however, the lack of appreciation of the other co-dependent triggers in the anger, which will expand to take up a proportion of unrestrained anger on others and themselves. This is a cycle that expands the emotional fragility of the dependent person, having given everything because there were no changes. In practice, the co-dependent does is perpetuate the problems of others disclaims them of their actions.
The stoned in love tend to destroy the love itself. On the basis of all its projects is the desperate need for security. Unrealistic expectations, however, are likely to spill over into disappointment and resentment.
In the treatment of co-dependency, as happens under other additions, the most important is that the patient should focus on themselves and become aware of your situation. It is the realization of the emptiness, the lack of identity, anger motivated by the lack of correspondence of his dedication, which calls for help. This support is essential to identify their own vulnerabilities and try to fill that void with the addition to the people.
Understanding the roots of the problem is the first step in a series of small steps over the thoughts and feelings, in order to change behavior. It is common to the dependent affective, the "savior" to feel guilty about the situation and then think themselves the duty to solve. On the other hand, it is back to its past, tracing possibly a timeline to try to understand the times and patterns of behavior. This is a disease that is based on children's unmet needs.
Treatment for co-dependency provides the experience of skilled technicians, trained to be more than good listeners, professionals who convey trust and hope in new ways of life.
When people start to like each other - than they are actually not what they thought was so made or the relationship they had with others - when they learn to express their feelings and needs appropriately acquire the perception of its limits, a new perspective on themselves and begin a healing process of wounds.
It is resistance to change that makes change difficult, but treatment for co-dependency points to new possibilities of choice, control teaches control and criticizing the self-criticism, provides elements that allow the substitution of the values ​​and models when they received do not encourage self-esteem, reduces stagnation staff that the patient was voted out of fear of change away from dependence on others as a means of solving problems, blame the co-dependent for their own well-being.

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