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treatment Depression

The depression is a serious and debilitating disease, however, can be treated effectively.


In VillaRamadas our goal is to return the patient suffering from depression to a balanced life, happy and productive, freeing him from obsessive thoughts and behaviors and destructive. 

For this to happen, this should be brought into VillaRamadas during the acute phase of depression with the main aim of identifying the root of your depression, so that you can be a release of the same.

Having identified the source of all your feelings (eg sadness, anguish, frustration, bitterness, ...) and its motivation, the patient can then process with therapists, group and / or individually, all its negative feelings that may gradually get replaced with more positive ones.

By freeing itself completely from the weight of its past, the patient may then live your present in utter fullness. 

At the completion of admission and there is a good post treatment and a relapse prevention effectively, we suggest to patients, especially during the first two years, regularly attending meetings of both the Change & Grow as the After-Care monthly, held in VillaRamadas.

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