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Symptoms of Depression

Some people confuse depression with nostalgia, but they are different things, at least in the intensity and consequences. Nostalgia, as defined by someone, is "the joy of being sad" and holds up often with nostalgia. It is a transient condition which does not interfere with normal daily.
Depression, in turn, is a state of rebellion against the emptiness that fills the soul. Without asking permission, sadness, motivated by some occasional abuser or a chronic state of dissatisfaction, will extend its tentacles on the existence of the individual. Little by little, life loses its color and the will to live up strays. The joy of living gives rise to a kind of "allergy to live." Then, the patient depressed closes on itself, preferably in a dark place, the lifeless body on a bed, isolated from a world that makes you suffer.
It is common to define depression as a feeling of pity for himself (self-pity), a symptom of repressed anger or a mechanism of defense resorted to to escape the more complex realities. This disease does not act only on the mood of the person, disturbing the thoughts, attitudes, and the whole body, to intervene in order to eat and sleep. The performance in school or work is compromised, the appearance is replaced by little or no importance, installs a chronic inability to respond to stimuli, and attacks of sudden and convulsive weeping for no apparent reason, appear with some frequency. The decisions become very heavy burdens, sense of humor disappears and erroneous ideas are gaining ground - they are for their own irrefutable truth - about himself. The lack of memory, anxiety, nausea, some living, apathy, irritability, guilt, hopelessness, emptiness, fear and guilt are crosscutting to any depression, regardless of the type of your depression: endogenous, exogenous , postpartum ...
Depression can present itself in more subtle or more aggressive, more or less duration, but the trend for the isolation and the belief that nobody cares and that the world would be better without the aid of someone like this take, the head of the individual depressed, the proportions of (almost) impossible to continue to exist. So - and the statistics do not lie - a large percentage of suicides or attempted, there is the presence of signs of depression. The destructive attitudes are a logical consequence of those who think not worth living. Still, very engaging and it may be, depression is not a lifetime, it's just a disease that can be treated, so that will not have the last word.

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