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Treatment of Depression

People with older or less educated tend to say that once there was depression, it is only for those who have time and a life that allows it. Pure illusion! It is a depression that does not allow the life ...
Depression is a symptom that something is not right, something that matters to scrutinize, analyze. This discomfort comes from somewhere deep, but often only with professional help if you can know where. The curious are not able to resolve the technical issues that this raises pathology. Good intentions and the pats on the back are also not answer. In an era of genuine frenzy like this, you must stop and ponder.
Some people inherit a tendency to depression. Some experts point to a chemical imbalance as a cause, others are focused more on other medical or environmental reasons. One is that a lack of self-esteem and an exaggerated pessimism might lead to the disease.
In the treatment of depression, the first step is to stop denying it, of wanting to control it - because it is impossible! - To shoot him with large doses of good will to see if it passes. Recognize their own powerlessness depression is not a sign of weakness, but of humility. This humility makes depression more open and receptive, which will provide an easier integration of new ways of thinking and, therefore, to feel. In fact, messages that someone gives himself have a significant impact on their emotions.
On the other hand, treatment for depression gives the addict the externalization of these emotions, they most likely will be muzzled in the name of an education eventually repressive, fear or convenience (in order not to express to avoid conflicts).
So the individual is not accustomed to express that at the beginning of treatment, nor knows how to identify their feelings and situations that give rise. People tend to believe they are good, but a minor annoyance can be enough to trigger a tantrum. Repressed anger is highly paralyzing. It is not advisable to say directly to the person in question who feels angry at her for this or that, the intention is that the malaise is released, revealing it to someone neutral, preferably endorsed to help process and turn this feeling the patient to their emotions, mission often performed by a technician in the treatment of depression.
The depression also raises, in this treatment, the notion of the importance of countering his own will and begin to notice the traces of your face, what an actor has to know that any brow furrowed, every wrinkle of expression, every movement of muscle contraction or relaxation. Drafting smiles even if you do not fancy, for example, provides the "sorridor" believe it's good mood, which, after only a few minutes, it becomes a fact.
Cultivating dreams and achieve them by doing is another way to combat depression, in two ways: the "spiritual oxygen" those future grant to the present realities and the action that disrupts the stillness so characteristic of the "disease of the century."

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