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VillaRamadas strives to help all those who live completely obsessed with drugs to break out of this destructive obsession, returning them to a normal and socially productive lives. 

The therapeutic approach to this specific type of dependency is usually initiated with a consequent detoxification and withdrawal of the total substance (s) (s) of use, carried out under medical supervision.
Only after the time when the physical abstinence symptoms are exceeded, that is the real work begins on the release of the emotional and psychological dependency drugs.

This is done mainly through the use of psycho-therapeutic integrative model - Change & Grow - based on elements of the current humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and gestalt, this model created by the team VillaRamadas therapy, being the key element of any therapeutic approach, breaking the denial of the patient for their drug problem and the resulting total acceptance of the negative consequences of their addiction.

At the end of this step, aware of everything that is made more negative under the influence of drugs, patients are then prepared to give beginning to change their behaviors to more positive ones, based on self-discovery which have since been doing.

The total duration of this therapeutic process, which in our experience, will, on admission, a minimum of 24 weeks, will depend, of course, the pace and commitment of the patient, is also safeguarded the time necessary and sufficient for the progress in program, the speed is most relevant to your case.

During the entire stay of VillaRamadas patient, the treatment team will keep the family closer together and others that are regarded as important for the patient, informed on the development of its process, except as regards information in nature therapy.

VillaRamadas when they leave, patients are encouraged to attend the groups of self - help particular, NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and CGA (Change & Grow) as well, if they have completed their treatment successfully, to attend regularly After the carried-Care at month VillaRamadas.

NB - When, for obvious reasons, detoxification is not required, the initial period of abstinence may result in the treatment center, with medical support 24 hours / day.

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