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Cocaine - Drug Glamour

Cocaine is produced from the leaves of the coca plant cultivation spread in the Andean region (where chewing these leaves is a custom that dates back to antiquity) and South American properties of this drug have been known for centuries by native Indians, they often chew coca leaves to stave off hunger or mitigate fatigue, in addition to use in religious ceremonies. At this level, coca is not trafficked or source of shame or guilt. It was in 1855 with the discovery of a technique for extracting cocaine from coca leaves, which broke the habit of using cocaine. Hence starting to be fashionable in the West between writers and other protagonists of the art world was a step. In bars, customers could order your supplements to beverages like beer and whiskey. The Coca-Cola had even in its composition until 1903, extract coca.Nos 70 years of the twentieth century, cocaine was seen as a drug of elites, since it was very cara.Na present, there A large distribution of cocaine in sports and musical context, is considered the "drug fashion." The powder resulting from the preparation of coca leaves, or cocaine hydrochloride, contains a measurable toxic potential, toxicity is very augmented with dilution and injection intravenosa.Não However, the crack, which is composed of crystals of cocaine, even smoked, may present a hazard similar to cocaine injection. This relates to the huge amount of substance that penetrates the body when the drug is smoked or injectada.A cocaine stimulates physical and mental activity - resulting in feelings of pleasure - causing inhibition of sleep and reduction of fatigue and appetite (with risk of developing chronic anemia), and also other possible effects such as the feeling of power, the euphoria, the excitement and see the world with an increased brightness. The consequences of cocaine use may manifest itself in the form of tachycardia, fever, dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, anxiety, fear or panic, paranoia, exacerbated increased sweating, insomnia, irritability, aggressive expressions, etc.. In some cases, there may be cardiac, circulatory and brain, such as stroke or myocardial miocárdio.O prolonged use is likely to result, together with the statement, destruction of brain tissue and lung problems. The habit of smoking cocaine appears often linked to lung cancer, bladder, prostate and other órgãos.Na pregnancy, cocaine smoking increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth and babies born normally, with underweight . Cocaine is a stimulant drug of choice for young, typically between 15 and 34 years, from urban areas. Having ceased to be regarded almost exclusively higher strata of society, its consumption has soared in recent years. It is estimated that about nine million people of member states are already experimenting with the substance and that consumers usual rondem the million and a half. Worldwide, 14 million are dependents of cocaína.Oitocentas tons of this drug are from Latin America, and Peru in only 100,000 farmers cultivate coca leaf. In Bolivia, are 35,000 families who depend on this production. Colombia constitutes the main supplier world providing 580 tonnes per year. It is to be obtained from a plant that cocaine is more harmless! It can be as or more dangerous than the drugs produced in the laboratory, such as LSD.

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