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Drug Addiction

The drugs are part, has long been the most stigmatized group of dependencies. Saying someone is a junkie is equivalent to consider it beneath the dignity, is to look at it as being a dangerous, manipulative, an animal almost negligible. Just think on how often to treat parking lot attendants - notably "stuck", the poor who populate the streets of our cities, beggars who go on public transport ...
This addition does not choose, however, social conditions, age, gender or race. Anyone born with a predisposition to obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors (about ten percent of world population) may, at some point in your life, and for various reasons, to develop drug addiction.
For many, the pursuit of "synthetic happiness" still get the banks of the school when the adolescent is rapidly developing physical and mental, feeling the need for their social and personal statement (the group is its reference standard). At home, the conversation already going beyond the platitudes, and the inevitable squabbles arising from the conflict of generations and the divergence of views throw the newcomer to the world of adults to a situation uncomfortable and not easy. On the other hand, the appeal of the adventure is felt so strongly at this age and think that everything can be done without anything adverse happens.
What happens, though, is that after the "honeymoon" that provide the drugs, the void that was intended to fill settles in double or triple. Is not just the lack of anything in life - sometimes not even know how to explain - but also the lack of substance. Drug addiction is gaining ground and attempt to delay a momentary anxiety creates a permanent anguish. The deceptive allure of drugs - and in many cases fatal - to build destroys dreams nightmares, populated by theft, prostitution and death itself. Are three possible outcomes for a drug addiction to drugs in full swing.
When you point the finger at a drug addict, they rarely think of the horrible suffering associated with this dependency. Critics seem more interested in bad language than in helping one to be as human as they, who need help to recover his dignity, his life, the ability to deceive again - this time with something other than the destroy - back to believe in his fellow men, to regain the sparkle in his eyes. This will only become a reality when they extend their hands, not to give a penny for fear that the car is scratched, but to lead the other hand extended to the path of deliverance from drugs, when you stop to think why the child or daughter has lost so much weight and impetus for the studies; when you dare to ask the husband or wife the reason so many spending rather than "cover the sun with a sieve" and when to conduct a brother or a friend to a solution your problem, when ...

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