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GHA - Drug Violation of

GHA (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), also known as Liquid Ecstasy, Easy Lay, Scoop, Somatomax, and others, that is with the greatest ease in bars, parties and discos, affects the heart, lungs, nervous system and can even put the consumer at risk of life! The distinctive feature of GHA is the effect of causing disinhibition, and amnesia and increased sensualidade.Chama to GHA rape drug, because this substance has been considered as a helper of sexual and violations of, by Its sedative action, leaving the victims with complete inability to realize what is happening and, consequently, to defend themselves (there is some physical paralysis and mental). In addition, GHA is an aphrodisiac and provides greater sensitivity to toque.O GHA may appear in liquid form or powder which, having no odor or color, facilitates the placement of beverages in a discreet manner, notwithstanding the slight change of the flavor, which is diluted and interferes with other paladares.O GHA is a powerful central nervous system depressant, with the same effects as ecstasy, but with a faster action and a higher wattage. It is rapidly eliminated from the body, making it difficult to confirm the use for the inability to detect the common urine analysis. The effect comes about twenty minutes after ingestion, and lasts up to six horas.As deleterious consequences of the use of GHA are, in addition to the above, the decrease in heart rate and respiratory rate, increased sleepiness, little or no system depression reticular active mainly hypnotic anesthetic, incoordination ... overdose can even lead to morte.Numa first phase, GHA causes disinhibition, sense of well-being and relaxation, increased energy, euphoria, dizziness, a slowing of the heart and an increase in confidence and sensuality. People intoxicated with GHA run, however, the risk of becoming easy prey, or the sexual level, whether in relation to assaults. When someone wakes up, perhaps naked, with headaches, muscle means numb and without any memory of what happened is a sign that may have taken GHA.Para avoid these situations, it is best to be aware of (a) to own drinks ( even in the case of soft drinks) when going to a party or a bar. And, as happens not only the young, adults should also warn se.As rules consist of: refuse drinks from strangers and never lose sight of the cup which is to drink (and much less drop it), lead always in the company's hangouts and do not leave yourself a friend / colleague that patents are the above mentioned symptoms, seeking help or calling a support line permanent.

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