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Hashish - One goes to Hell

Hashish is the most consumed substance in Portugal. However, perhaps because that causes fewer problems, the number of Portuguese who habitually uses hashish, or who have had contact with him, has been growing. The great bulk of arrests and cases of administrative offenses pertaining to consumption with respect to this illicit substance, with a prevalence substantially more expressive than the other major problem substâncias.O hashish is probably the fact that it is responsible by major problems, that is, as its consumption is not likely to cause suffering involving a request for help, many consumers need this help, without, however, the effects caused by hashish peçam.Os undergo excitation followed by relaxation, disorientation in time and space, verbiage (talk non-stop), euphoria, boundless hunger, pallor, tachycardia (heart beating too fast), bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils and dry boca.Redução attention and memory impairment for recent events, hallucinations - mainly visual - diminished reflexes - with the inevitable increase in the risk of accidents - among others, are among the many possible consequences of the consumption of hashish. In addition, at high doses, this drug can still produce intense anxiety, panic and severity appreciable psychologic, which include, for example, paranoia. The continuous and prolonged use is likely to lead to a syndrome of widespread dismay at the constant motivation suggests an apparent defeat of vida.Um pair of dried cannabis triggers an insatiable appetite. This is because the drug substance has receptors that couple to the regulation of food intake situated on the hypothalamus. This conclusion prompted the medical community the idea of ​​finally being able to develop a treatment derived from this substance for people suffering from extreme malnutrition, anorexia and disease similares.Pelo above, it is easy to deduce that the hash is not as innocuous as judges common of their existing or future users. It is seen as a "soft drug", but opens the door to adverse effects and entry, and perhaps, installation, drugs considered "harder", leading to degradation of the individual and the loss of dignity, if not the identidade.Hoje own days, thanks to a more impartial information and broadcast, are more frequent consumers of the Hashish who will become aware of real dangers and consequences of its use.

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