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Heroin - The Anti-Drug Pain

Heroin belongs to the group of opioids, used in medicine for pain suppression. Any opiate is manufactured based on the leaf of the opium poppy. The heroin, being produced from morphine, is quite strong. And appeared as a substitute of morphine dependence due to rapid that originated, heroin proved to be a more potent medicine against pain, but with an even higher degree of addiction. Thus, morphine addicts will quickly become dependent heroína.Curiosamente, the term 'hero' comes from the expectation made "heroic" achieved under the effect of this drug. In certain types of cancer, usually in treating patients at terminal stage, still applies to heroína.Não nevertheless be the illegal substance with the highest consumers, heroin, the drug continues to be problematic, either because of the pathologies associated to consumption or for the deaths it causes, either as regards the demand for treatment. Though it will maintain the downward trend in the number of notifications of HIV infection related to injecting drugs, are still many consumers who have never had contact with the health system, about its use. Portugal remains the top European countries with more heroin users - six to ten thousand inhabitants between 15 and 64, with a percentage of three men for every mulher.Uma explanatory of the reasons this statistic may be that the Iberian Peninsula represent the main gateway to heroin in Europe. Despite Spain being ahead, with more than 40 percent of the drug seizures made in 2006, Portugal appears below, with 28 cento.O Afghanistan is the largest supplier of opium to the world title, but it is through West Africa that makes the transfer of the drug, with passage by Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Cape Verde. Corresponds to the enrichment of traffickers a substantial increase in the cost of States regarding the fight against heroin narcotráfico.A diminishes mental activity of their consumers and may cause drowsiness, torpor, relief of cough, feeling of lightness and pleasure, contracted pupils and mitigation of pain. On the other hand, is capable of lowering blood pressure, and respiration rate and heart rate, and can even lead to death! When stopping the use, or during periods of withdrawal may take place yawning, runny nose, muscle aches and abdominal pain, watery eyes, sweating abundantly, fever, high blood pressure and pupils dilatadas.A heroin overdose is a leading cause of death among young people in Europe die each year from seven to nine thousand mostly aged between 20 and 30 anos.Ainda thus are the most youths seeking treatment. With an average of 32 years, comprise the list of 600,000 people each year are subjected to treatments to get rid of the dependence of heroína.Segundo UN data from 2001 showed an increase of 40 percent of homicides related drugs. Provides food for thought ...

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