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Hospitalization for Drug Addiction

It often happens to drug addicts to come against their will in a treatment center because friends or relatives no longer endure to be complicit with such blatant decadence. Awakens in them the awareness that is hospitalization or death. Thus, by their love to their addiction, even if he does not recognize this, take the initiative to try to save a well known destination.
In the first phase of hospitalization for drug addiction, the addict is still quite intoxicated and acting under the effect of what has recently consumed or medication that has yet to take to weaning of narcotic substances he used.
At the beginning of treatment, the drug addicts is completely supported by the other elements of the group and enjoys special caring by the team therapy because it is sensitive times for the individual concerned. Hangover symptoms tend to throw it down and it's all too new for him. Still, never alone and there are one or two especially attentive to their needs, more or less perceived by him. It is the main advantage of hospitalization for drug addiction: even identify himself does not know its accuracy help, there is always someone who note that repairs, which takes the initiative and approaches.
From a certain point, the addict begins to regain their understanding and realize that there is reason to feel inferior because of their colleagues back there who feel exactly like him and who have been through it is now live. This identification is the foundation for future trust, it will begin to release him. Changing behavior, the addict is what calls the "clean", but that's not enough. The aim is that it is clean and sober, that is, regain the insight and drive through conscience and let not their obsessive thoughts and "desires to use."
On admission to hospital for drug addiction, the focus is on promoting independence, self-discipline and responsibility, as well as hygiene, food ruled, schedules to meet, but all without invading the privacy of patients. They are encouraged to take an active role in their treatment process, without, however, they imposed a model is rigid and inflexible. The intention is that the patient admitted to adapt to a treatment to take into account their specificities, with a personalized approach. Each person is unique and unrepeatable and exaltation of their unique characteristics make it will be a unique and special.

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