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LAD - Drug emblematic of the Hippie Movement

LAD (lysergic acid diethylamide), also known as trip, left the hand of a Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in 1938. In the 50s of the twentieth century, LAD has application in medicine for the treatment of alcohol and drugs and during sessions psicoterapia.Esta discovered "by chance" (scientist swallowed accidentally, a little of the mixture) would to become in 60 years of this century, the symbol of the psychedelic movement hippy.O LAD is a drug that distorts perception and that can have effects as a sense of well-being, fullness and lightness, greater sharpness sensory (colors become brighter ...), the increased willingness and stamina - and you can get yourself to exhaustion - changes in the notion of space and time and ecstasy. The consequences are for true hallucinations, a very acute awareness, feelings of profound mystical union with others, distorted perception of sounds, images, and also touch. With repeated use, the tendency is to make them disappear pleasurable sensations, which may give rise to anxiety, fear, depression and delusions. LAD - capsules, tablets, strips of gelatin and "seals" impregnated product intended to dissolve in the mouth - causing symptoms with an average of eight hours. While scholars say it is not technically possible to die from an overdose of LAD , whose active dose is around 50 micrograms (why would not represent a danger of toxicity), this drug causes increased body temperature and dehydration, which is likely to lead to death. There is a direct influence, but the risk is lá.No indirectly referred to the psychology field, LAD provides experiences so intense, may become hazardous to the psychic structure. A "bad trip" can trigger panic attacks, dizziness and uncontrollable emotional. If the consumer is anxious or depressed when you decide to consume these "trips" can become a nightmare, which, often, there is no return. In addition, this acid is a substance with the possibility to bring out hidden psychiatric problems. A person with a tendency to develop schizophrenia, for example, may have much to lose with the consumption of LAD, since that terrible disease find fertile ground for this substance eclodir.Outra perspective concerns the psychological disruption caused by the persistent use, which manifests itself in the disintegration of the personality and the disappearance of the dividing line between "I" and "other."

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