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treatment Eating disorders

The Eating Disorders can take many forms (from the act of eating immoderately - Bulimia - up to almost nothing not to eat - Anorexia - and others ...), there are usually associated with lack of self esteem, isolation, the fear of intimacy, low self-confidence and high levels of anxiety, and are the source of many other patterns of behavior that cause suffering not only them who suffers, but also their families and friends.


The Eating Disorders, is an area for which VillaRamadas team has a highly specialized treatment.

Once diagnosed, the patient, which eating disorder that suffers, by identifying the food pattern and the way it has been showing over time, the therapeutic approach which produces a greater long term success and therefore considered to be the most appropriate one is that instead of focusing on weight gain or diet, relates mainly to the increase of personal values ​​and very especially the self-esteem, since the reasons are Hidden behind these disorders is the lack of self-concept, self-esteem and an overwhelming sense of guilt.

The challenge for the therapeutic team specializing in this type of disturbance, is to be able to help the patient to increase their self esteem and personal values, while it must relearn how to eat a properly balanced and healthy, regular time intervals.

In VillaRamadas, we believe, and the results prove it, that with the help of our integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - you can deal with and overcome such disorders, and so come to enjoy a future life, serene, peaceful and happy.

When you finish your treatment, patients are encouraged to regularly attend self-help groups including CGA (Change & Grow), as well as to attend the After-Care held monthly in VillaRamadas.

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