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Eating Disorders

Anorexia and bulimia are diseases that are most commonly identified as eating disorders, but there are others. The binge eating and orthorexia (exacerbated concern with healthy eating) are just two examples not so exciting, but equally pernicious. Seeing well, what characterizes eating disorders are the extremes that people suffering from these disorders to take style and purpose of life.
The lack of love and value themselves, the highly addictive self that experience by going verifying the results of their actions, they feel overwhelming guilt, anxiety that does not give truce and distorted view of yourself and your body are some possible reasons triggers of eating disorders.
Losing weight before our eyes, repeatedly leaving the table after meals (toward the bathroom to vomit), excuse yourself to eat in the presence of relatives or friends, refusing invitations to dinner, to overdo the exercise and many other behaviors unusual may be warning signs.
Individuals suffering from eating disorders (and desengane who thinks that just happens to girls!) Are generally aware that they are to embark on a path recommended little or nothing, but the pursuit of perfection in terms of its lines bodily blind them with regard to the actual dangers they run the "use" or "disuse" the food at his pleasure. If in the case of anorexia, death can result from an uncontrolled lowering of potassium levels in binge eating, diabetes and cardiovascular problems are chronic diseases in which the dependent food invests increasingly devouring everything that appears in front .
Whatever the pole at that place the individual disease, food becomes a taboo subject, on which we must learn the most and talk the least. In fact, the pressure exerted by those who are closest - and begins to realize the signs that something is not right - is a greater burden for those who, alone, already suffering enough.
The insatiability of the disease consumes the entrails of these people (literally) and not enough willpower or those potions that advised the outsider to mitigate eating disorders. The difficulty of relating in a balanced way with food only denotes an inability to relate to himself. And this is not a matter for directors amateurs but for professionals.

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