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Internment of Anorexia or Bulimia

When it comes to treatment center, the patient's first reaction is usually attempt to circumvent this option, tested over a range of purposes and promises, to ask the last chance to try alone. Nevertheless, oblivious of their true condition addict and therefore powerlessness of their disease shows itself unable to make appropriate decisions for their lives, and this is where the family comes into play.
Families tend to not realize - or do not want to see - what happens to the members that, within them, suffer from eating disorders, or because the ability to manipulate these is really extraordinary, or because this awareness leads to having to act, to engage in an arduous struggle, time consuming, exhausting and often inglorious. But, from the moment you can no longer turn a blind eye to the evidence - what happens in some cases at an advanced stage of disease - will require an attitude.
It is usually following repeated unsuccessful forays that families (or the patient himself) decide to opt for hospitalization for eating disorders. The first time at the treatment center are painful to the wearer. Meals (three main per day) not only stopped the plague for giving there input ...
Later, however, their distrust and reluctance are decreasing, as is feeling, co-therapy group and the team, understanding and support. It will not be criticized, judged or persecuted, but cherished, inserted, accepted. Finding that will not matter if anyone has more bones in the face that a nettle or until a seal is less cellulite, and people like it as is. Let her make sense of the soup diets, apples, ligth products. We no longer have recourse to the amount of exercise that almost desconjuntavam from time to time. Discovers that the body, as in everything, we intend to progress, not perfection. It never reaches, or would not be human. The sadness that characterized it will give rise to a spontaneous willingness. Learn the secret to dealing with their illness: challenging the orders and rulings made by it and develop a new "law" made by him and for him, allowing a happy, healthy and productive.
The integrative model followed in the hospital for eating disorders gives you clues essential to all areas of his new existence, in particular as regards the relationship with themselves and others. After all, everyone has their anorexia in life ...

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