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Treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia

One of the biggest obstacles to the treatment of eating disorders is related to the lack of recognition by the patient, that nurtures a disease. Severe, progressive, that can lead to death. By this denial be broken, no one can help him, because he will understand this gesture as an attack and feel the need to retreat even more strength in her eating disorder. After all, a companion (presumably) not so true so lets ...
This "loyalty" costs, not only the patient and the family and intimate friends, an agony and a terrible sense of powerlessness. Isolation is, often, the most popular escape route for those who are committed to boycott the path of "perfect forms".
This prototype is ideological, largely suggested by fashion and the modern concept of beauty. Previously, it was said that "fat is beauty ', and the proof is the screens of our churches, which, in part or tile, depicting angels and other figures look chubby, showing air-happy and carefree, their banhinhas outside of the garment. At present, however, is only one who is skinny and beautiful, a world that is either thin, the most anafadinhos have no place. So that's how the boys have come up the concerns with the body and the number of anorexics and bulimics is constantly increasing.
Distress especially to families that their loved ones walk badly fed, by excess or defect. The problem is, however, is much deeper and regaining self-esteem of these people, their capacity for judgment, the reorientation of their tremendous determination, independence "congenital" and iron will that is able to recover himself. The food represents only the "scapegoat" of issues much more rooted, more complex, that only through a specific treatment for eating disorders can be worked.
To tackle the first dish of food has to be overcoming insecurity, to withdraw the armor of pride, to destroy the sword of guilt, to cease the firing of arrogance, removing the self-sufficiency, to attack the good things of life . But this is no easy task, and requires scientific knowledge and experimental in order to obtain success.
Treatment of eating disorders provides the patient to acquire a wide range of notions and simple but effective strategies that will improve the quality of life immeasurably.

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