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For the addict to the game, winning is an immediate and positive reinforcement, lose, is "just" a random event that can only be overcome to continue playing.

The essential characteristic of the addict to this kind of dependence is a manifestation of obsessive compulsive behavior and respect the game or situations that involve some risk and that adversely affect all your personal relationships, families and professionals. 

In VillaRamadas, the therapeutic approach of this type of addition, in complete harmony applied our integrative model Grow & Change, leads the patient to obtain a full awareness of the disastrous consequences that advêem their obsessive and compulsive behaviors, consequences that do not generally extend only to itself, but by very different reasons, to all those around you.

To overcome this kind of dependency is absolutely essential and vital to learn to maintain total abstinence from all kinds of games or situations that involve greater risks, because only then you can eliminate any possibility of a gap in attitude and behavior that arouse new dependence. 

Once the period of hospitalization, it is suggested that patients regularly attending self-help groups in particular, JA - Gamblers Anonymous and Grow & Change, and the After-Care held in VillaRamadas monthly.

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