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Admission to the Game Addiction

The admission to the gambling addiction provides the patient group psychotherapy sessions - in which he recounts his experience and teachings reap the testimony of co-treatment, as well as mitigate the isolation that voted - and individual - reserved for more specific issues and more intimate. In addition, proposals are released written work and reading that conduct dependent on the journey to their inner selves, in order not to keep looking out for themselves what can only get a response within him. Just do not run from them is that the individual is entitled to recover.
The dependency ratio of game has seen a significant increase in younger people. The reinforcement will not gain much money, which comes before the allocation of points, which increases the sensitivity of children and young people for the act of playing. According to studies, is between ten and thirteen years that is more sensitive to the advertising of gambling, and although the dependence is not overtly manifest at this age, experience gambling can lead a future addition, so it is an age range where they should invest in prevention.
In addition, the brain mechanisms involved in games of chance and risk of dependence only reach its maturity around 24 years, which explains the greater receptivity of children and young people to advertising when it is exposed. In this perspective, some U.S. states are raising the bar minimum age for over 18 years and may go in some cases up to 21.
It is recognized generally that children from families showed a higher risk appetite for the game than those from stable families. Child victims of abuse are, likewise, more sensitive to the game, and that given the statistics, 25 percent of these are compulsive gamblers in adulthood.
The sooner we resort to the hospital for gambling addiction, the higher the chances of successful treatment. If the obsessive process is stopped in time, the consequences of addiction will be smaller and the patterns do not install so ingrained, it's easier to break them. Villa Ramadas is able to receive patients from the age of 14.
After the period of hospitalization for gambling addiction, it is advisable to attend the sessions of after-care, with the aim of strengthening staff and avoid relapse. Gamblers Anonymous meetings are also recommended. These are groups of guidance and support to problem gamblers, free, with very good results. It should complement whatever is received in the hospital with this kind of help post-treatment.

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