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Dependence of the Game

The majority of people do not admit certain compulsive behaviors as part of a sum, that is, as symptoms of a disease. Many think that is only dependent on alcohol or drugs, things are likely to give "out of life," to bring to steal and where we sleep. Distance is a reality that can be close, arguing, not infrequently, that psychology and other sciences are based on theories vain and that these courses could even leave a gift box of breakfast cereal. Playstationdependente be, for example, is seen as a silly, like something that does not exist. Pure mistake! The blunder is to deny the evidence.
We are dependent on something, a substance or behavior, if our life revolves around them so that we are governed, not governors. Not be dependent on a state of all or nothing on the contrary, the dependence is a continuous, in which can be between one and a little too much, although the amount is not more sets the characteristic that the addition. The pathologic hallmark lies in how the obsession and compulsive behavior affect personal relationships, families and professionals.
Warning signs begin when one is perceiving it or not, losing independence from a substance or a concrete product. When intimacy begins to be so strong that no longer can live without the substance or activity, when the mood significantly reflects its absence, we can talk about dependency. Speak only toxic dependency is psychological myopia. We can be egodependentes, if we think we have always right: "What sun hood which the earth revolves around me is." In this scenario, the inertia does not allow changing the route, you will always be in front and falls off the cliff.
The collapse occurs when the addict, in this case the game, lives and the expectation of winning and the adrenaline rush of risk, by strengthening emotional discontinuous, but immediate. Despite the flash (because losing is natural), the dependence settles when the behavior in the game causes harmful consequences for the gambler and their family members, friends, work colleagues ... It is a pathological behavior, which goes to people 99 percent of the individual's thoughts.
There are several aspects that may show a predisposition to gambling addiction. Casinos are places of election of compulsive gamblers; offer slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker and other games of chance. Note that the casino games are designed so that the odds are more favorable to the casino than the players ...
New technologies also bring new addictions. Online games are a new trend of gambling addiction. Children spend hours on this type of entertainment and, on the one hand, these games can help develop thinking skills, on the other are likely to convey too much violence.
Game consoles, which have an increasing sophistication, and now are even portable fuel the obsession to allow you to play anywhere.
Whatever the style of gambling addiction, what is relevant is that he, the game is the top priority, and sometimes absolute dependent. Do not think of anything else, do not study or work, no social or family life ... there is no life!

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