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Treatment for Addiction Game

The gambling addiction represents a behavior likely to become, gradually, uncontrollable, even reaching the uncontrolled destruction and complete personal and financial. The situation is generally detected already quite late, usually from despair patented by the dependent (likely to trigger suicidal thoughts in it), which may originate from the fact that he bet the house, ordered the car, finally, everything has some value. In these circumstances, relationships and degrade their quality of life as well, since it can reach the height of not having a ceiling or a plate of food!
The excessive gambling and compulsive constitutes indeed a disease likely to lead to a spiral of personal loss, family and financial. Hours and hours attached to a machine (or other means of game), leaving there all the money you have (and sometimes even that does not have) ...
A gambling addiction can co-exist with anxiety disorders, mood or with addition of alcohol or drugs. The genesis of the disease may be based on genetic factors and / or psychosocial.
The treatment techniques for the dependency of the game are similar to those used in the treatment of addiction. Pathological gambling is very difficult to treat (because of involving the will, desire), but no efforts must be spared and energies with respect to the control and treatment. You can live with the disease under control and have a normal life, provided of course that the patient take a full awareness of the consequences of yielding to the strong momentum that leads to the action of the game to acknowledge his inability to control the impulse to play and be willing to remain completely abstinent from this addiction.
Treatment for gambling addiction aims to take the addict to stop the obsessive thoughts that will trigger the compulsive behavior. His concern with the game fall, the advance planning of the next move will no longer make sense and will not engender a thousand and one ways to raise money. Nevertheless, the action is that compulsive gamblers seek not money. Still, they enter betting increasingly avultadas and take risks progressively larger in order to achieve the same level of excitation.
Good intentions and good will are not enough to stop the runaway game. It is necessary to resort to expert assistance, failing to attend a decay that, given time, alienates a person from reality.
Psychological support is one of the valences of the treatment for gambling addiction, and during the therapeutic process the patient will internalize that you can not return to a game table - for fun or for whatever - if you want to keep on health.

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