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The Internet addiction is a behavioral disorder that leads the individual to move into the background all their personal responsibility, family, social and professional. 

Some of the most common signs of internet addiction:

- Constant concern about being "online";

- Lying on the time spent on the Internet;

- Lying on the type of content viewed;

- Muscle pain and spine;

- Weight gain;

- Sleep loss (as a result of stimulation psychological and social withdrawal);

- Isolation, loss of socialization and habits of personal hygiene. 

Individuals dependent on the Internet tend to use it to compensate and relieve tension and depression, preferring temporary pleasure obtained through virtual relationships more meaningful emotional relationships, they often feel unable to achieve.

Through the application of our integrative therapeutic model - Change & Grow - you can leave this dependence, allowing patients will fully recover from their personal and social life.

At the completion of admission and there is a good post treatment and a relapse prevention effectively, we recommend the frequency of regular meetings of Change & Grow Monthly and After-Care, held in VillaRamadas.

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