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Admission for Internet addiction

When the obsession reaches certain levels it becomes disabling because the compulsions associated consume most of the time, the interests and energies of the dependent. At this time, urges a specialized intervention, allowing the individual initially, become aware of your problem, because only then can realize his true situation, and become your co-therapist.
This awareness is distanced from the source of his obsession - the Internet - in order to cultivate a certain impartiality which will give autoconhecer and ability to evaluate the ungovernability of his life.
The admission to the dependence on the Internet provides that removal of a life without rules absolutely no sense or responsibility. The work of the team continued therapy and gradual approach to group with the addict is 24 over 24 hours, play a crucial role.
Will be established between all stakeholders in the process of relocation relationships of mutual trust, largely because of identifications that are making and listening to, and dependent on the Internet begins to acquire the humility to ask for help and, gradually, to stand ready to accept. Right now, he knows that is the only way you can be helped.
This is a slow process that requires different skills and time. Therefore, hospitalization for Internet addiction is presented, often as the most appropriate response to a disease with increasing frequency but often serious or even recognized in context.
The therapy groups provide a rich exchange of experiences, verbalization, not only of facts or events, but the related feelings, a sense of unity, an intuition for equality. Moreover, they are made and heed are suggestions, there is and receives care. Anonymity no longer be relevant. Now, the individual feels accepted and loved for what it really is and that neither he himself knew very well set.
In individual therapy, as often as necessary, the Internet addict reaps teaching, elements of reflection, possibly the perception of the reasons that led him to evade oneself and the world through their addiction, an impetus and direction for changing. The CBT will provide you with clues to not only assimilate your problem (Denial is the main obstacle to treatment), but also to tackle and support the development of useful strategies to avoid relapse.
The efficacy of hospitalization for Internet addiction is not comparable. More than the length of stay, is what is unfolding at this time that makes the patient in terms of its addition and for life.

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