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Internet Addiction

Although alcohol and narcotic drugs are considered the ultimate extreme, others are taking place in the ranking of items, but are not, however, the subject of great concern, since they consider fruit "normal" in modern society, the evolution technological and cultural models. This applies to the dependence on the Internet.
This is a new addition, which includes the group of behavioral dependencies, a serious illness that could influence so traumatic and violent life of thousands of human beings and their families. The Internet addiction includes components such as the concern unbearable (Internet), mood changes, withdrawal symptoms, stress, lies (in this case about the online time), conflict and relapse, like any other addiction.
In Internet addiction may be reinforcing stimuli sound from your computer to connect to the network, physical contact with the keyboard and even the smell of space on which they are accessing the Internet.
Cyberspace is seen as safe and sense of security is comforting for these individuals. In addition, the distorted thinking may lead them to believe that only in this space are respected, loved and valued as individuals.
The Internet addiction is not dependent on social, economic or educational or age. The belief of a prototype Internet is dependent on the male, ordinary computer user, and introverted young man, has long since fallen apart. The ease of Internet access has substantially changed this picture, with more and more women - perhaps thanks to the reversal of roles in society - as well as children and adolescents, using the network.
Statistics say that the latest browsers seem more vulnerable to addiction than the "old" browsers, and that addicts may spend 40 hours per week on the Internet! Despite the physical (weak immune system, excessive fatigue, sleep disturbances, lack of exercise, eating disordered, headaches and back pain, eye fatigue, carelessness with the body ...), psychological, family, employment, personal , economic and social consequences of the exaggeration of hours spent in front of the computer, these users are unable to reduce its involvement, which shows well his impotence.
The Internet can serve as a medium of expression for the timid, social support, one way to achieve sexual satisfaction, to experience an "I" different, to increase the sense of mastery - especially through the fantasy games - to try to bridge depressive or anxiety states. Notwithstanding the motives for the concealment on the Internet sure is that anonymity is the most important factor contributing to the alienation.

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