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Treatment of Internet Addiction

The treatment of Internet addiction follows, in Villa Ramadas, procedures similar to those used in the treatment of other addictions, but having regard to the specifics of this issue. Regardless of the mode of expression of the addition, the base is common inability to cope with their feelings. So part of this same principle to the individual to work as a whole and not just the "flap" of its addition.
On the basis of treatment will always be self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Building on this structure, the patient will acquire tools that will provide control of their obsessive thoughts and, therefore, the compulsion to be hours and hours surfing the Internet and "lost" himself.
One of the directives followed by one of the current row in the treatment of Internet addiction is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, writing, for example, positive messages papelinho for a walk in the pocket and be consulted once the subject is assaulted by a desire to access the Internet.
Managing time in different ways - including as regards the alignment of tasks - farming, among other options, alternative activities, is also rather useful. One objective of these activities may be the propitiation of a foothold in the real world, in order to mitigate the psychological addiction and gain control over your life.
It is also important to recognize what is triggering the behavior, understand the thoughts and feelings before and during connection enables the understanding of the subject of flight and what it aims to reach to be online. Indeed, there are situations that trigger emotional forum navigations almost endless ...
Develop a scale of importance, assigning ratings to all activities neglected the excessive use of the Internet can be a way to become aware of their own choices and numerous disclaimers dictated by Internet addiction.
Although dependent on the decadence of the Internet may not be as visible from the outside as with other addictions, it constitutes a serious problem that requires an appropriate solution. The treatment of Internet addiction demystifies and clarifies the causes and consequences of the disease, points of balance and imbalance, pointing to the future prospects of a healthier and more productive. To this end, the inclusion of the family of the patient throughout the process is critical, as will continuously monitoring fruit having on both sides. In fact, information from relatives reduces the censorship of these toward the dependent person, fosters communication between everyone and creates readiness to support either during treatment or after its termination, for other "navigation."

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