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A grieving process can difficult to overcome when we reject, deny and / or do not accept the loss and / or physical and emotional feelings generated by those losses.

The Grief can actually be quite painful and even frightening, and since the shock of loss and emotional confusion generated by it, to its acceptance and our reunion with the balance, we often pass by the "chaos "just being completed, not when we forget what we lost, but when we accept in peace the loss that triggered, and peace, we proceed with our lives.

However, there are some situations in which the bereaved to experience difficulties in resolving any stage of their Grief, can it get "stuck" for several years or even for the rest of his life, thus preventing them to "solve" satisfactorily their process and in some cases, making his pain (usually converted into self-pity), an element of pure self-destruction.

In Villaramadas, we believe that psychotherapy, a practice and recognized by all as a way to process feelings of loss and sadness associated with the grieving process, in combination with our own integrative model - Change & Grow - can achieve greater ability to accept all those who go through difficult processes of mourning.

Although the process of Mourning generally be regarded as universal as regards the phases and the feeling experienced during the same, since the same can not be said as regards its resolution which is different from person to person, and may be directly related to age, with the closeness and connection (love) between the mourner and the missing element and the causes and circumstances in which such loss occurred.

At the completion of treatment carried out in complete harmony with our philosophy of life based on the model Grow & Change, the patient will then feel back interest in life, hope, gratitude and the ability to adapt to new challenges, accepting the loss and adjusting to your new reality.

At the completion of admission and there is a good post-treatment, we recommend the frequency of regular meetings of Change & Grow Monthly and After-Care, held in VillaRamadas.

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