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Admission to the Mourning

The need for hospitalization for mourning comes, usually, in some phase of the process failures that prevent their natural course and healthy. Denial is a major barrier, but the feelings have the bad habit of not go away just because we deny or hide them. While not accepting and events, it is impossible to continue. Grieving helps us to redefine ourselves, to become stronger and more complete and calls the sense of wholeness.
After going through the death of someone close to you need to relearn the world. One of the most important things the hospital for grief is the person who is living this reality feel you're not alone. By listening to others share about how they lived through the grieving process, where forces were seeking, what strategies they used, how they found the light and will continue to enjoy life, hope is rekindled, the gap tends to decrease and the wound begins to heal. This time it becomes less scary and bewildered. Forgiveness of ourselves and the other draws it naturally. With the help of a Higher Power, the regret turns into wisdom, we can use to assist others who are or will be in a situation of mourning, because however reassumimos life with a new depth.
Mourning (whose intensity is determined by the intensity of love felt by the person who died) is a social phenomenon, and sharing with others can only be advantageous. Internment in mourning provides the emotional and social support as important a journey of this nature. What usually happens is that the support network is only available within days of death and that weeks or months after the individual mourner is already on its own, regardless of whether it succeeded or not overcome the loss. The hospital fills this gap, whether chronic grief, delayed grief, mourning, grief exaggerated or masked (under the aegis of, for example, symptoms identical to those expressed by the person who died or affective behaviors that are equivalent of mourning).
One of the signs of the epilogue of a grief reaction is the ability to think of the person who died without pain. Naturally, the sadness will always be present, but no longer cry out and experience a tightness in the chest. In general, the mourning is over when returning interest in life, hope, gratitude and the ability to adapt to new challenges.
During hospitalization, the patient receives powerful suggestions in mourning to live daily with their feelings and distress. He learns that "there is no misery, there are opportunities." You may be useful to write about what you are thinking and feeling, producing, including a letter to those involved in the situation. Can not deliver, but it is totally beneficial to leave the feelings of the mind and put them on paper in an environment of continuous professional support. Words have the power to alleviate the feelings and soothe the soul.
The mourner begins over time to develop inner resources to live without breaking his grief. The images are valuable tools with which you can assimilate certain facts. The elves, characters in the Tolkien trilogy ("The Lord of the Rings") can give true life lessons. These friendly creatures gave some friends a few amazing covers for your trip: warm in the cold light on long trips, comforting shelter from the sun scourge, disguises effective in the dense forests ... They were so fabulous that friends wanted to know the secret. The answer is memorable: "We put the love of everything we believe in everything we do." This motto can help the bereaved to perpetuate the memory of loved ones on Earth who develops daily activities. Thus, they are always present in his life, helping him in difficulties, pushing it when discouragement lurks, smiling and cheering when you win. Perhaps, then, may also, after admission, to cover those greens.

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