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A person who has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D) lives in a world of ideas and behaviors that even seem strange, different, absurd and / or ridiculous both for himself and for everyone else around you, are, nevertheless, uncontrollable, repetitive and persistent. 

It is also completely dominated by thought unpleasant, which may have sexual content, tragic or other, which are difficult to remove his mind, are sometimes temporarily relieved through certain behaviors (rituals) usually repetitive, such as repeated washing of hands, give or take several baths repeatedly if a tap is open or not or if the door of the house or car is closed. 

In VillaRamadas, treatment for this type of disorder is based on a cognitive-behavioral approach applied in both individual and group therapy, in complete harmony with our own Grow & Change integrative model based on elements of theoretical perspectives: humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and gestalt.

The total duration of the therapeutic process directed specifically to this type of disorder, depend mainly on the characteristics of each individual and their own evolutionary pace, always unique and extremely personal.

Once the period of hospitalization, it is suggested to patients who regularly attend self-help groups in particular, Change & Grow, as well as after-care in VillaRamadas held monthly.

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