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Admission to the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The admission to the obsessive-compulsive disorder is the fastest way to break with the established rituals. If the patient attend psychotherapy sessions or meetings of groups of self-help but return home then the therapeutic effect of these moments will be diluted over time. In its "natural habitat", which is his area of ​​comfort, he will have a greater tendency to perform their rituals whenever you arise challenges, setbacks, anxieties, empty, confusion, indecision and discomfort of any kind.
The hospital in a state of obsessive-compulsive acts as a kind of "diet" the compulsions that the patient feels the urge to perform, assisted, however, for a variety of writings and readings that will provide an understanding of its addition and therefore, will open new horizons in personal knowledge and healthy situations, where a choice is possible.
Interaction with other group members at the treatment center, which may at first be an almost insurmountable difficulties, beginning to be very constructive in the process of overcoming the obsession, and love received by all active in the patient as close a kind of "wonder-ghosts." Indeed, the safety impact resulting from the unrestricted support of this unconditional love allows the hospital to exorcise their "ghosts" are nothing more than erroneous beliefs and irrational fears. And it does so in a continuous and constant monitoring. There is always someone around whom you can appeal, asking opinion, help.
In addition, all players, whether professionals or colleagues specialized treatment to relieve obsessive-compulsive constant attention, will not let slip in its recovery effort. Naturally, like any other addition, the process does not follow a straight line to infinity, but it's not just the goal that counts, but any mishaps the way, abreast of all the pleasant times, contribute to the growth of the individual and it will be quite useful in the future. A future full of opportunities aligned with many obstacles with which the patient in hospital for his obsessive-compulsive disorder is prepared to handle. If life is not a bed of roses, will not need to be a bed of thorns, and they do not draw the beauty or the fragrance of the flower!
The patient will be giving an account of their gains (larger as time passes), first by co-treatment - and more apt to recognize it changes - and then by himself, at a time when awareness gets real themselves and their self-esteem is enhanced. Life gets more cheerful colors, shared with other "flowers" of the "garden", because now the obsessive-compulsive disorder failed to be alone and feel a "rare bird" to get into the freedom of flying and " pollinate "other human beings suffering with everything you have been told and experienced in the treatment center.

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